2019 – New Year, New Start – Planning the Year Ahead

Fresh Start to 2019 Brings New Goals & Opportunities

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are excited for 2019!

As with every new year, many of us make resolutions, sketch out plans and create goals, with newfound determination to accomplish them. The New Year brings opportunity for a fresh start and this cultural milestone holds a lot of motivation.

This year is no exception. I have spoken to several friends and colleagues, who are all determined to complete a new challenge or task – being able to run a marathon, joining a gym, eating more healthily – I wish them all the luck and determination to achieve their goals.

My goals for 2019 revolve a lot around the Studio at 17 blog and my interior styling dreams, along with my personal development and well-being. I’ve shared them down below. If you haven’t already made your’s, I hope they provide some inspiration… but mainly I am sharing them to help myself keep a log and hold myself more accountable to my goals!!

Check them out below and please do share some of your 2019 goals and resolutions with me in the comment section too!!

In 2019 I plan to….

  • Have at least one blog post out every week on a Saturday morning
    • I am already planning ahead for the next few months and creating checklists for each blog post. This is so I know exactly what I need to do in order to write each one. I’m gathering content and media, and I have put in place some goals to help me have more time to write blog posts in advance.
  • Build my Blog following
    • I want to gain at least 1,000 followers by the end of 6 months, 5,000 by the end of 1 year.
    • I intend to do this by promoting my blog on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And by creating quality content that will help people.
  • Build my following on Social Media
    • I intend to build my Instagram account by posting consistently, with good quality images & engaging captions.
    • I also intend to make meaningful contributions to other’s in the Interior Instagram Society, through genuine comments and feedback. Hopefully I’ll make some friends and connections that will help me grow and learn in the field!
    • I intend to build my Facebook page by joining groups and also contributing towards them as above.
  • I would like to go to at least two of the Interior Design Shows in England this year
    • Preferably the Ideal Home Show in March and the Grand Design Show later in the year. Whether this is possible or not is dependant on our household budget and time constraints. However, it would be an amazing experience that I really hope to have!

In my personal life I plan to…

  • Have decorated the bathroom and ensuite before the summer months
    • The Christmas break has not provided any spare time for grabbing a tin of paint and roller (sad times)
  • Have a dining table and chairs that I can dual purpose as a desk  
    • I am currently using my dressing table from our bedroom as a desk. This is to prove to myself that I will be disciplined enough to sit and work on Studio at 17 – and a few other things – every day.
    • It is tiny and not at the right height for a desk, but I won’t buy a new one. In order to utilise the open plan space we have, I would like to use our future dining table as a desk. I have the dining table in mind and will probably share it with you at a later date.
  • Be at the gym at least 3 times a week
    • My new work schedule makes being at the gym everyday during the week a lot more difficult. However, I am determined to go to the gym at the weekends and on a Friday evening, when I get home earlier.
  • Eat and drink a healthy diet
    • I’m not overweight, but I always feel sluggish, lethargic and puffy. I know this is because I don’t eat well enough and I don’t drink enough water consistently.
    • My goal is to have a better routine for hydration and to take more time to plan my meals, rather than leaving these decisions til’ the very last minute.
    • I also plan to cut down on refined sugars.
  • Do yoga/stretches everyday.
    • Alongside going to the gym when I can, I would very much love to get back to doing yoga every day. When I was doing yoga in the Summer, I felt great. I slept better every night, I felt less stiff and in pain with my neck and shoulders (my ‘problem’ areas).
    • I enjoyed taking the time for myself, to do something good for my mind, body and soul. I’m not sure why I stopped but I need to focus on the benefits and get back to it!
  • Have a good morning and evening routine that helps me be more successful!
    • I haven’t quite got this one figured out yet… but I’m working on it!! I’m sure the next goal will help…
The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll
  • Build my Bullet Journal
    • For Christmas, The Mister bought me a dotted Moleskine journal, along with the book ‘The Bullet Journal Method’, by Ryder Carroll. I’ve known about bullet journaling for a while, but I haven’t paid too much attention. However, after reading half the book in the past two days, I’m so excited to start my bullet journaling journey!
    • The ability to design the perfect journal for me, whilst becoming more intentional, mindful of my time and where I put my energy AND being able to keep track of things better is so exciting! Have you seen Bullet Journals? What do you think of them?

So, what about you? What are your goals and resolutions for 2019 and have you already got a plan in place that will help you to achieve them??


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