5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Feel So Cosy For Winter

Survive the cold winter season by making your living room feel so cosy and warm this year!

Dark mornings and evenings, woolly jumpers and frosty breath on a brisk walk – it’s nearly that time again. Winter, for me, has always brought mixed feelings. I feel such irritation at the lack of sunlight and blue skies, along with the constant feeling of being cold, but huge excitement at the festive cheer and the cozy winter evenings curled up on the couch with a fire going.

But how do you make your living room look and feel like it’s inviting you into its warm arms at the end of the day? Here are five tips on how to make your living room feel winter-ready, without breaking the bank.


1.  Curtain Call

Blush Velvet Curtains from Made.com

As a rule, I’ve always preferred blinds, particularly those of the Venetian variety. But nothing makes a window look as cosy and homely as a pair of thick curtains framing it. There are also some great curtains with thermal properties that can help keep those pesky draughts out! Opt for a warm colour like a burgundy or dark blush pink like these velvet beauties from made.com to really cosy up the space and try going floor length for a feeling of opulence.

Here’s a tip – If you fix your curtain pole high towards the ceiling, it’ll help create an amazing statement, whilst making your room look bigger too!!


2. Layer it Up

Just like with your clothes, try layering up your furnishings this winter. Layering rugs is a great way to add texture and dimension to a space. This white couch might have looked cold and plain without the fluffy throw, and the wooden floor is given depth and softness with this thick rug… who else wants to squidge their toes in that!

Maybe try adding a faux sheepskin rug if you already have rugs on your floors, just to accentuate the feeling of warmth and depth.

One or two throws over your couch and armchair can help bring colour into the room. Knitted throws are gorgeous and perfect for snuggling up whilst watching your favourite TV show. If you find your living room to be quite minimal, maybe try adding a throw and cushions with a geometric pattern to add something new into the mix.


3.  Get Lit

What says warmth more than fire, eh? Although, I’m suggesting small scale here. Candles are lovely all year round, but in Winter, they are an absolute must! They are the perfect additions to your decor and nothing beats the winter feels of the Christmas scented candle. Scents of cinnamon & apple, cookies and Christmas Trees all make the home feel warm and welcoming on a cold winters day. 

If you don’t fancy a candle, try burning essential oils in an oil burner. The natural scents of cinnamon, black pepper, clove and ginger are all warming smells and will keep you feeling rejuvenated and comforted. Mix them with other scents, such as sweet orange or lime so you create a refined room fragrance for the winter.


4.  Time for Change

Place deep burgundy flowers into your arrangements for a warmer feel

What about the accessories that decorate your space? Vases, faux flowers, picture frames, books? Try changing them to suit a warmer, earthier feel. Bring things like pine cones, bark and branches into your arrangements, concentrating on warmer tones, such as burgundy’s, reds and burnt oranges. Add some dark wooden frames for your pictures and mix in some deeper toned flowers into your arrangements.



5.  Shed Some Light

While candles help cosy up the place and add a yummy smell into the mix, nothing beats soft mood lighting carefully placed in a room. Warm light from lamps can really help create a cosy inviting mood in your room, taking away the harsh light from the ceiling fixtures. If you strategically place them in a room, then curling up with a book and your new knitted throw, breathing in the smell of winter spices, will feel so much more chill and cosy. Sounds perfect to me!!


So those were my five tips… what do you do to make your living room winter-ready?


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