8 Ways to Bring a Little Romance into Your Decor

Valentines Bouquet Romance

It’s been a cold January with post-Christmas blues, back-to-work funks and dark nights. As we move into February, with Valentines Day ahead, it is the time to lift your mood through your interiors. Brighten up your decor with a little romance for February’s ‘Day of Love’.

The Mister and I don’t really go crazy for Valentine’s Day. But, I do love a bit of romance, especially when it comes to decor. Keep reading for 8 awesome ways you can add a little romance into your decor. There are temporary inspirations and a few more permanent ideas for mixing romance with modern, everyday interiors too!

(Check out my favourite kitchen from KBB Birmingham last year. It mixes the feeling of modernity and romance perfectly with the Blush Pink Kitchen.)

1. Let Nature Woo You

Bring romance with spring buds and blossoms

Use Nature’s beauty to lift your decor and add romance. Credit to Source.

After a cold and dark winter, soft-toned blossoms, buds and flowers are the perfect way to brighten up a room and add a touch of romance. Using Spring buds will help lift the mood and make you think of the fresh and colourful months ahead.

2. Get Sumptuous

Add texture and romance with sumptuous fabrics

Add texture and richness with sumptuous fabrics. Credit to Source

Add a pop of colour and texture with soft velvet cushions and pillows to bring instant romance to the room. Opt for rich, opulent colours such as deep pinks, purples and intense blues.

If you’re feeling really brave, go all out; get a velour chair or pouffe and really amp up the glamour and romance!

3. Pop the Colour

Add romance to your table with colour

Make your table super romantic with colour. Credit to Source

If you wish to create a feeling of intimacy and amour for your special someone this Valentines Day, set the mood with your table settings. Mixing soft coloured crockery or glassware with neutral tones will help make that romantic dinner feel extra special!

When you’ve finished using them, don’t hide them away with the rest of the glasses… why not display them on a shelf to add a hint of romance to your everyday decor?

4. Turn Down the Lights

Bring ambiance and romance with soft lighting and candles
Bring some ambiance with soft lighting and candles

Harsh unnatural lighting will do everything to kill the romance, so use softer lighting wherever you can. Table lamps, dimmer switches and (all time favourites) candles, will help keep your home feeling intimate and inviting.

Place your lighting strategically to highlight the areas of your space you want to show off and cast intriguing shadows that add to the air of mystery and passion.

5. Make a Statement

Add romance through statement artwork
Add romantic artwork to your decor to create a statement. Credit to Source

Why not hang one or two statement pieces of art to add a flare of the romantic to your home? Choosing bold pieces like the one in the image above will help keep your home feeling contemporary and trendy, whilst bringing all the dreamy, romantic vibes.

6. Soften the Space

Soften hard lines and harsh lights with draping curtains
Soften hard lines and harsh light with draping curtains. Credit to Source

While I personally love blinds more than curtains, nothing adds dreamy and romantic vibes to a room like soft drapes. They help to diffuse the light and soften the angles of the window.

The talented lady who took the image above, created these beautiful coloured glass panes with window gel. But the parts I love the most are the ‘barely-there’ curtains adding an understated touch of elegance and romance.

7. Up the Plush

Layer rich texture for romance and cosiness.
Layer rich textures. Credit to Source

Boost the feeling of intimacy and cosiness with extra layers of fur, velvet, suede and other textured fabrics. Keep your senses interested by mixing the textures up and adding depth to your decor.

For more handy tips on how to make your home feel cosy and warm, check out my blog post here.

8. Get Deep

Use rich and intense colours to add romance to your decor.
Go all out with fantastically rich and romantic colour schemes. Credit to Source

Are you needing a bit more of the romance? If are ready to embrace your passionate and romantic side through your interior decor, why not add some deep and intense colours to your walls? Dark purples, burgundies, plums and pinks will help give your rooms a rich and opulent feel. This will totally bump up the sense of romance.

Maybe you don’t feel quite able to take that big a plunge… Try adding deeper colour statements through painted furniture, woodwork or by just painting alcoves and feature walls. But why not go for it?! Look at how beautifully well the dark, intense tones go together, creating a romantic and calming space in the image above.

I;ve created a Romantic Interiors Board on Pinterest. For more ideas and inspiration, why not take a look at the board I’ve created here.

So, which idea is your favourite? What will you add to your decor to add a little romance this Valentine’s Day? Let me know!!!


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