Hi there!

Welcome to Studio at 17 – the blog!

My name is Kim. I’m a professional designer, specialising in kitchens and bathrooms. I love to create a highly functional, yet gorgeous space that works perfectly as the heart of the family home.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most practical and potentially confusing rooms in the home. They require a lot of planning, forethought and knowledge to create a beautiful room that functions well.

With Studio at 17, my goal is to help you to understand these rooms better, to know what to look out for when planning out their spaces and to give you insight from a designer’s point of view.

Alongside my Home Projects, advice for how to make a happy and healthy home and other interior design goodies.

How Studio at 17 Started…

I have always loved Interior Design – devouring Home Decor magazines and getting excited over colour samples and wallpaper cuttings.

About 18 months ago, my Mister and I moved into our first home together. It is a rental property, but it is also the most amazing old house, located in the historic town of Beverley.

It has exposed floorboards throughout, timber painted windows and a GORGEOUS walled garden that transports you into fantasy land as soon as you step out through the French doors into it. It was love at first sight for both of us, and despite the many issues that come with living in an old property, we still adore it.

The keys were handed over to us on August 25th (my birthday – best gift EVER!), which was a Friday, and we spent the full week moving and doing the initial decorating. We painted our bedroom before the new bed and wardrobe arrived on Tuesday and the kid’s rooms were decorated before they came to stay that weekend. I have never painted so frantically and seen so much matt vinyl emulsion in my life. Medium-pile rollers and I became lifelong besties!

Then it was time to go back to work and everyday life kicked in and the decorating was put on hold for…. well… a year. The house is a warm and welcoming place, but in places, it still looks like we’ve just moved in. We managed to make our own bedroom and the kids rooms lovely, but everywhere else is kind of empty and unfinished. We love it and have all the essentials but it doesn’t quite feel right yet.

This lack of finishing and furnishing has got me down. Real down. Being short of money and time has stopped me from putting together the homely, thought-out environment that I’m itching to create. But as we’ve settled in, changed jobs (both of us) and been able to address other priorities first, I can now start turning our rental house into the home I have always wanted and we deserve.