The Bathroom Project – Studio at 17

Our rental home bathroom has been neglected since we moved in – that’s soon to change! Check out my plans to turn our tired bathroom into an opulent haven.

I’ve called this blog ‘Studio at 17’ because The Mister and I live at No. 17 down a little street in a Historic Town in Yorkshire. We have the incredible Minster at the end of our street and a beautiful walled garden with it’s own Eucalyptus tree. It has exposed floorboards and timber sash windows. It’s gorgeous – we adore our home…


Our view a few doors down from us…


…but sadly it is just a rental…

This, of course, means that I cannot always do the things that I want to do to with the space and layout. However we do have a very lenient landlord, who has kindly said it is okay for us to decorate however we want… as long as it is to a ‘professional standard’ and is just cosmetic.

So far we have painted our master bedroom, the two kids rooms and the living room/dining room.  There’s still lots I wish to do in these rooms in order to accessorise and dress them, but they are at least clean and painted.

We’ve neglected the bathroom and the ensuite… up until now. Going into 2019, I am planning to decorate both rooms. Want see what I’m planning? Check it out!

I’ll start with the bathroom….


Bathroom Before Pics





So here is the bathroom as it is now. As you can see there is no major drama, nothing that looks terrible or is massively outdated. But it is starting to get tatty, as it hasn’t been done in quite a few years and the panelling is looking tired and grubby.

The previous tenants decided to go with a cottage seaside look, with white-washed panelling and pale blue walls above. The artwork was left here when we arrived and we will not be keeping it up when we decorate.

The sanity-ware is actually quite nice – Ideal Standard, traditional, clean white porcelain – so I’m really happy with that. I would have loved to have had brass finished taps and shower mixer but that’s a compromise that I will happily make. Even though I would prefer to have something other than chrome, the traditional style of the brassware is perfect.

I am however, completely over the white washed look. Having the bath built in with the panelling really lends itself to having a dark and opulent themed bathroom and I cannot wait to be a little more adventurous.


The Plan

In the room there are 3 spotlights and 1 wall light. So when you put them all on, there is plenty of light in the room. But the perfect thing is you can have them all on separately so you can adjust the ambiance and feel of the room to what you’re feeling at any time. If I want it dark and cosy, it can be.


The Bathroom Mood Board

So, lets look at the mood board…




It’s a very basic moodboard, I’m still learning the best way to do them, but bear with me on this..


Colour Scheme

I LOVE the deep, inky blues that we’re seeing more of at the moment. The panelling, the walls, everything will be painted in a moody, dramatic blue like the Hague Blue or Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball. I’ll paint everything in eggshell for that soft sheen and durable finish. It’s perfect on woodwork and the radiator. The ceiling will stay white (sadly), I don’t want to risk my landlord’s wrath!

Instead of having that intense orange timber, I will paint the bathroom door white. The Mister and I plan to paint all the first floor doors similarly. While I would love to paint the inside face of the door to match the walls in the bathroom… I think that will also be a step too far.



I plan on really overdoing it with the foliage in this room. The inky blue alongside leafy greens… I have all the heart eyes at the thought!!

I need to do a bit more research on the best indoor plants for a bathroom that gets quite warm, but has a good amount of light during the day. But I will also be investing in a few faux plants to mix in with the real ones. As long as I am choosy, I use nice pots and arrange them well, they will look amazing. I hope to have floorstanding plants, pot plants on a table and some plants that will trail down off of a shelf or two. Too much? Nah, I don’t think so!



I would really like to put in a glass table that you can see through. This will mean it doesn’t detract from the overall impact of the colour on the walls. It will let light through it, giving the illusion that it’s almost not there. I also really love this table by Urban Outfitters…

This gold Triangle Side Table would be useless for practical storage, but would give me that open, ‘see-through’ look that I’m wanting. With a couple of plants and a nice lidded candle on.
I also LOVE the idea of having a double tiered cart table like this Leila Bar Cart from Urban Outfitters. It’s gorgeous!


I will get shelving that will be very minimal too – nothing to break up the walls or detract from the items and greenery that will be put on there. Something like the below, which I found whilst searching on UO’s website. I’m very tempted to paint them the same colour as my walls…



I will also be hunting down a few vintage mirrors to arrange on the wall, all of which I hope to get second hand.



Soft Furnishings

The floorboards in the bathroom have been stained a deep red mahogany colour (although they look orange in the photos). It really doesn’t go well with the whitewashed look that’s in there at the moment. But the richness of the floorboards with the inky blue colour (I think my heart is pretty much set on the Stiffkey Blue) will go perfectly.

I will be getting a light rug to cover the floor space, although I’m not sure whether to go for a circular rug or a rectangular one yet. It’ll have to be hard wearing, but as light as possible to lift the space.

I really quite like this one… but it would need to be bigger for the space.


The nasty roller blind will have to go… it’s faded and ratty and falls off its cardboard tube every time you lower it! The window area is the only thing I’m not really sure about yet… do I want floor to ceiling voile curtains to keep the window feeling airy and uninhibited? Or do I get the same white wooden venetian blinds that are on all the other windows we’ve done so far? Or do I do something completely different… I’m just not sure yet.

Do you have any suggestions? Tell me what you think to my plans below!!!

And stay tuned for updates and more information on my plans for the ensuite…


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