KBB Birmingham 2018: Hurlingham – The Bath Company

One of the most memorable moments at KBB 2018, was my visit to The Hurlingham Bath display. Oh my goodness – the bathroom products that this company makes are stunning! I have a few photos to share with you from the Hurlingham stand at the KBB event… they were taken with a iPhone and under very unnatural lighting too, so they could never do these pieces of furniture justice, but can give you a little idea of why I enjoyed visiting their display so much. Psst… my favourite is the last bath…


Their selection of copper finish baths, basins and brassware took this trend to a whole new level. Quality oozes from each and every piece and you can really tell their products are lovingly crafted. This bath has a nickel interior with a true copper exterior, mixing metallics beautifully.

Hurlingham’s own picture on their website really shows off the beauty of this bath.


Hurlingham do a range of painted baths, offering the chance to completely tailor your design to suit your personality and decor. They can replicate any hue of colour! I love the richness and contrast of this deep indigo on the bath they had on display. And those feet… are awesome!


Okay, confession time… I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with taps…. I LOVE a nice tap. For me, an unattractive tap that doesn’t compliment the rest of the room, is not only a huge dissapointment in a lovely bathroom (or kitchen) but it is something that makes such a difference. It detracts from the entire design! While Hurlingham only do a relatively small range of taps and showers, they are beautiful traditional pieces. And available in a variety of high quality finishes.

The overflow detail that matches the tap is such a nice touch.
These ‘bell’ shaped shower heads make me think of woodland flowers… 
Look at the texture detailing in on this double-ended bath!
They do a lot of baths that would really suit a modern style bathroom too – this matt black finish would be an amazing feature in a sleek contemporary bathroom. Psst… they also do radiators and towel warmers to compliment the baths!
Bling bling! Stainless steel interior. mother-of-pearl mosiac exterior that has been hand-crafted… wow!


This… is my favourite, I think. The shape of the bath is so classic and simple, with that beautiful curve of the roll top. I love the decadence and warmth that comes with the fabric finish and this opulent fabric is gorgeous. I would LOVE to have a bathroom that could house this beauty some day… A girl will dream!

So if you’re looking to have a bath that will showcase your personality and turn heads, then you should definitely check out the Hurlingham website to see yet more beautiful baths and basins.


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