6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Fit for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

With the Festival of Sleep Day coming up next Saturday, and the likely sleep deficit we all have after the New Year festivities, what better time to talk about your bedroom and your sleep than right now!

There are so many factors that contribute towards your ability (or inability) to sleep, so here are 6 ways to help create the perfect environment in your boudoir for an amazing night’s sleep.

1. Invite calm into your bedroom space with soft colour schemes.

Soften your colour palette with calming colours

Did you know that colours have a powerful effect over your moods… even your ability to fall asleep! Colours like bright red or orange can increase your stress levels, while painting your room in calm and soft blues or greens will help promote a feeling of relaxation and ultimately a zone in which you can sleep soundly.

2. Let Nature in.

Let Nature in…

Now, I’m not saying try and reinvent a scene out of Cinderella, where the birds and mice help her wake up and get ready for the day (although I would love our kittens to help out with the laundry, so much…). But, introducing leafy greens into your bedroom will literally breathe life into your space. They promote tranquility and calm, whilst looking amazing. They may also help improve the quality of air, which will promote a healthy night’s sleep. Thanks, Leafy Guys!

Let fresh air circulate…

Also, opening your window a little and allowing some fresh air to circulate can help with your quality of sleep. If you have seasonal allergies, like hayfever, perhaps leave them closed at times of high pollen counts, but freshening the air while you sleep, and keeping your bedroom temperature low will improve your slumber.

4. Use Essential Oils.

Use Calming Essential Oils…

This is another very useful tip for improving the environment of your bedroom. Essential Oils such as Lavender, Rose, Geranium and Frankincense are beautifully smelling and relaxing. They help calm you and reduce anxiety and insomnia, helping you to get a refreshing night’s sleep.

Use scents like Lavender, proven to help improve your quality of sleep…

Many items used to promote a good night’s sleep are scented with Lavender, such as sleep masks and pillow mists. If you would rather use the pure oils your own way, dab some on a tissue and place it next to your pillow at night, or you can use a diffuser to fill your room with your own essential oil blend suited to you.

Personally, Lavender makes me feel nauseous, but I find the smell of Rose and Geranium soothing and comforting. We are all different, so experiment and find what best suits you!

4. Remove technology.

Leave your phone and tablet out of the bedroom. Or make sure they can’t distract you at the very least…

This is probably one of the most difficult to implement, especially if you are like me and The Mister, both reliant on our phones for our alarms. We also listen to an audiobook together as we wind down towards sleep at the end of the day. But the presence of technology can have such a detrimental effect on our sleep!

The light from the phone or tablet plays havoc with our subconscious, interfering with our depth of sleep, while the temptation to check our phone if we wake up in the night and get caught up in reading notifications, can wake our brain up to a point where it is nearly impossible to switch back off.

Try leaving your phone outside of the bedroom, or at least turning the phone screen down and placing it at the other side of the room, on SILENT. This ensures you can still have your alarm clock on your phone, and inhibits you from checking your device every time you open your eyes.

5. Invest in a good mattress and pillows.

Bright bedroom
Choose a supportive and comfy mattress and pillows…

No matter how good of a sleeper you are, if your mattress and pillows are not comfy or supportive, you’re going to suffer from a bad night’s sleep. Even if you aren’t aware of it until the morning after, when you wake up with pain in your back, neck or shoulders, you will know all about it.

6. Finally, pick a bedroom scheme that makes you happy.

Light Bedroom for Inspiration
Make your bedroom YOUR sanctuary…

This is similar to the first point. Your bedroom is YOUR sanctuary. Whether you escape to it alone or you share it with your loved one, your bedroom is YOUR one place where you get to relax, be at peace and refresh your body and mind for the next day. So pick your decor and theme wisely.

Choose something that you know will work for YOU. Are you an early bird and want to wake up feeling energized and motivated? If you are, then perhaps lighter and brighter colours will help you wake up feeling positive, refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. Choosing a colour that ignites your inspiration and creativity will help you wake up in the right mindset.

Cosy Bedroom for Relaxation
Do you love a cosy & relaxing space…?

Are you a night owl or just need to feel cosy and able to wind down at the end of a day? Perhaps deeper, richer tones would be your thing… something like a deep blue or forest green? Pick a colour that encourages you to be mindful and feel relaxed.

So these are a few brilliant ways to make your bedroom the perfect haven for sleep. What do you swear by for a good night’s sleep?? Let me know!


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