My Top 5 ‘Intense Dark’ Paint Colours by Little Greene

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram about receiving the latest colour cards from Little Greene. Although their arrival has basically meant I want to redecorate the entire house (there are so many delicious colours!), I am all about the intense and dark colours right now. So, I thought I would share my top 5 favourite dark tones from Little Greene.

They are strong contenders against my long time favourite Farrow & Ball colours too, so I just may be using a Little Greene inky blue for our bathroom instead of Stiffkey Blue… but we’ll see….

Check the 5 colours out below and let me know which one is your favourite!
(The images of rooms are all from the Little Greene website – they do not belong to me. Each paint has a link to the website too!)

Obsidian Green – No. 216

This is a strong grey that has a green undertone giving it extra depth and interest. In the soft winter midday light I can definitely see the green coming out, but it doesn’t overpower the grey so if you are still all about the grey tones, this is a beautiful option. Personally I would love to use this on all the walls in my living room. Little Greene themselves say that Obsidian Green is also a popular choice for exterior doors and railings.

Royal Navy – No. 257

This is my favourite of the five!! Little Greene describe this colour as a “sumptuous blend of Royal Blue & Navy…” and I LOVE this dark intense blue so much. I’m honestly considering using this blue for our bathroom instead of the Farrow & Ball ‘Stiffkey Blue’. I might let The Mister decide (yes, he gets to think he has some input on decorating!).

I think the Royal Navy will look perfect against the whites of ceramic. But it’s not as ‘inky’ as Stiffkey Blue so I may have to let them battle it out during the tester pot trials!

Lamp Black – No. 228

This is a softer, off black colour, making it more versatile and usable than black itself. Lamp Black would provide the perfect backdrop if you wished to use pops of colour, such as yellow, or the Pantone colour of the year, Living Coral.

Puck – No. 298

Oh my goodness, what a pretty deep green this is. The colour of life and renewal, green seems to many to be quite a ‘brave’ colour to use, but this emerald-toned green is a winner.

Named after a ‘mischievous, but inherently lonely character’ whose goal is to find friends, Puck would look incredible on kitchen units (deep green kitchen… yes please!) and in a dining room, breathing inspiration, life and energy into the space.

Cordoba – Little Greene

Cordoba – No. 277

Generally, I’m not someone who goes for the warmer purple or burgundy tones. But Cordoba had something to say about that when I was looking through the paint sample cards. Another deep and rich tone, this would make a living room feel so cosy and warm, despite being very dark.

Paired with a warm light neutral like Rusling, which has a dash of pink in it, this would make a beautifully cosy and romantic bedroom and would look so pretty with gold or brass accent furniture and bright white woodwork.

So, which one of these is your favourite? Where and how would you use them? Do you have another favourite Little Greene colour? Let me know in the comments!!


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