The Perfect Escape- How to Style a Relaxing Bathroom

We all love that feeling of deep relaxation, where all worries have been washed away for a while and you can unwind and allow yourself to chill. Spas and salons are amazing at creating an environment that helps us feel like this, with beautiful spaces, chilled out music and an overall feeling of zen.

But, they come with a price tag and it’s not always convenient to get to them as often as the need to relax arises. So, what if you could create your very own spa at home?

It’s totally possible! Check out these 6 ways that you can turn your bathroom into the perfect retreat for relaxation.

1. Light Your Space

Relaxing candles with fluffy towels
Create a relaxing space with natural light and candles

In a bathroom, lighting is so important. You need a functional space that has plenty of bright light. But when you’re trying to relax, the stark lighting that comes with bathroom fixtures, is far too clinical and artificial. Fluorescent lamps make you feel tired and are harsh on the eyes, totally cancelling out all the relaxing vibes you’re trying to create.

Try to make use of natural lighting in any way you can. If you can’t have a window in your bathroom or ensuite, why not have a sun tunnel installed, allowing sunlight to filter into the room throughout the day. Use reflective surfaces like light-toned tiles on the walls and glass shower panels, to help bounce the natural light from the window throughout the room.

When you’re planning on giving yourself a relaxing home spa experience, use candles to light the room. The natural, warm glow given off the flames will help relax you, giving the room a feeling of calm and tranquility. If you like a scented candle, opt for a scent that will help soothe you, such as lavender or rosemary.

2. Let Nature in.

Bathrooms can be very clinical and linear in appearance, with strong lines, lots of glossy, cold surfaces and very little texture.

When it comes to breathing life back into the bathroom, plants are your little heroes! They will help calm the space, making your bathroom a special retreat after a long day.

Before buying any plants for your bathroom, do consider that some plants would not like to be in a room with high humidity. So pick plants that thrive in the humidity and low light and you’ll have a tropical dream in your little room!

3. Soft textures

Soft linen draped over bath caddy
Sofen harsh lines and stark surfaces with soft textures

Alongside plants, adding warm and soft textures into your bathroom can make your room feel like your own personal spa.

Add extra soft fluffy towels, a gorgeous bath mat that complements your decor and of course, a snuggly robe for you to wrap up in once you’ve had a soak in the bath.

4. Declutter and Organise for Peace of Mind

Basin drawers for hidden storage
Get rid of clutter with clever storage for a zen-like space

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a spa and there’s cotton buds strewn over the surfaces, used towels piled up on the floor and a moist, fusty smell wafting around the room…

No, me neither! Because they never look or feel like that.

Trying to relax in your bathroom while there is a wild mess everywhere you turn is not going to be the easiest. Declutter your surfaces, get rid of the ‘almost empty’ shampoo and conditioner bottles that you discarded for a new brand but didn’t have the heart to throw out. (Anyone else guilty of this?!)

Think about investing in some storage that hides any bathroom necessities like cotton buds or toothbrushes and toothpaste. For things like soap, and bubble bath, why not get some decanters that match your decor instead of have the wildly busy containers the product comes in. This will keep the space feeling calm and uncluttered, allowing your eye to focus on the nice decor, plants and accessories you can decorate your bathroom with in place of the clutter.

5. Music

Bathroom with storage and mirror

This may seem like an obvious one, but choosing the perfect soundtrack to your relaxing spa bathroom experience is essential. If you’re going to drown out the noise from the rest of the household (crazy kids, your spouse shouting up to ask where the back door keys are… or in my case, two kittens trying to break the door down because they just HAVE to share the spa experience with me…) you’re going to need that zen music turned up.

Pick some music that resonates with you – that calms you and that you don’t have to think about. Instrumental music can be very soothing and avoids the need to concentrate on lyrics or voices, enabling you to just focus on winding down and enjoying the pamper sesh you deserve.

Did you know you can now get mirrors and cabinets that connect to the Bluetooth on your phone and play your music through speakers? Multi-functional items like this that can also help hide clutter, are an awesome way to create the relaxing bathroom of your dreams.

6. Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers

Essential Oils are a common theme on my blog posts, I know, but that’s because they are just so good at helping create a relaxed, happy, healthy environment in the home. Diffusing or burning an essential oil mix that helps promote relaxation, or that particularly makes you feel calm and happy, is an easy way to create that spa-like feeling in your bathroom.

So, tell me… are you more of a bath or shower person? What helps you relax and unwind?


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