The Reading Nook Project – The Final Design Sketch

In the third instalment of the ‘Reading Nook Series’, I’m going to share with you what I do before every interior project…

I doodle.

This isn’t revolutionary. But it is helpful in picturing what the end result of the project is going to look like. And I figured, what’s better than me just telling you what I’m going to do to transform my boring living room alcove?

Yup, showing you.

Little disclaimer…. I don’t profess to be an artist or expert in design sketches… I just like to take a space and do my best with the tools I have (on this occasion my iPad and Apple Pencil) to doodle up something that looks a little like what I plan on doing. If you squint… and turn your head a little to the right….

Firstly, remember what it looks like at the moment, in all it’s unstyled glory?

Picture of the Reading Nook before the project has started.
The ‘before’ picture

And here is what I’m planning…

Digital design sketch of the Reading Nook - by Studio at 17’s Kim.
A rough sketch of The Reading Nook, complete with untamed plants and inspirational prints.

In my last post where I shared the moodboard for the project, I included a lot of the items you can see here. The radiator cover I’ve sketched isn’t exactly like the one I’ve chosen and I’m still not certain as to whether I’ll paint it the same colour as the walls or whether I’ll paint it white/light grey.

I’ve also included a mirror in the sketch which I didn’t include in the moodboard. This is because I plan to make it. What I’d absolutely love is this mirror from Next, but my budget doesn’t quite stretch to include it. So, I’m going to do a little DIY-giggery-pokery (technical term alert!) and create my own version. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on!

The TV…

As you can see in both the before piccie and the sketch, we have our TV mounted on the wall above our fireplace. This is not my ideal…. but I have compromised with the Mister that it gets to be there and, I have to be honest, it does lift the TV up high and out of the way. As I’ve chosen a dark blue colour for the walls, the TV should blend into the background a little when it’s not in use, which will make me super happy.

At first I hoped to create a cupboard seat for the Nook, but because of the boxing-in section that will be behind it there won’t really be any space for storage. So I’ve chosen just to block the front off altogether and have the lid of the seat be removable for if we need to access behind it. There is an electric socket that will end up behind it, but I’ll be using it to power the string lights that will wrap around the shelves and accessories, so it’s good that it’ll be hidden.

There’s a lot of work to do, but after seeing this sketch I know the end result will be worth all the effort.

I honestly can’t wait to get started! What do you think to my sketch? Would you change anything if it was your project? Let me know!


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