The Reading Nook Project – The Moodboard

So last week I shared my super exciting up-coming project in the home… the Reading Nook! If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here – go read it before you come back to look at this gorgeous moodboard. Check out the linked Pinterest board too!

Today I’m going to share my moodboard with you. I’ve created this to gather a little inspiration, adding in some specific items that I’d really like to incorporate into the design. I’ve linked all the items to where I found them, so if you like them too, you can see where they are from. Some may be affiliate links… but everything that’s in the moodboard is there only because I personally want to use it. If you stick with me throughout this project you will see these items being put in the Reading Nook, yay!

The Moodboard

The Reading Nook Moodboard

1.I can’t have a moodboard without some plants. These are real and faux and are from Ikea. I hope to get a few for the Reading Nook area, so I will likely pick some real plants up from local sources as well. But due to us having kittens, I need to make sure I do plenty of research and pick up all real plants only if they are safe for cats.

2. I found this fun geometric Rhino head at Dunelm. It will add an element of whimsy to the area and couldn’t resist it when I saw it. I just hope the material isn’t too glossy. When I’m closer to starting to purchas accessories, I will be having a much better look in store.

3. I love this ‘Mind Your Head’ plaque sign from this Etsy site.

4. ‘F*ck it’ print and Book print from Desenio. I’ll also be framing a few of my old motivational lettering quotes, along with a pic of The Mister and I.

Lettering quote of Alice in Wonderland
I will be adding personal artwork to the gallery wall

5. Scaffold shelf brackets from The Mister (my OH) is in the house development business, so I’ve asked him to get hold of scaffold boards for me. These brackets will be perfect for holding them in place!

6. I’m hoping to paint this radiator cover from the same colour as the walls. This will help it blend in and create a look of depth in the wall. I will, of course, pop some plants above it (fake ones as I have no doubt they will be knocked off by inquisitive kittens).

7. Jangala cushions from I’m also loving this throw and may have to sneak it into the budget somewhere….

8. These cute wire lights from They will add a little warmth and light to the nook. Because they are on wire rather than a cable, they should retain the shape into which I bend them.

The two pictures in the top right are images that I found on Pinterest that have inspired me to carry out this project and create this moodboard. You can find the original sources of each here and here.

In my next Reading Nook blog post, I will show you the design sketch of the space, so that you can see how it will look.

Do you have any interior projects coming up? Have you done a moodboard? Share your moodboards with me – I’d love to see them!


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