The Reading Nook Project – Studio at 17

It’s a very exciting time! After months of wishing I could start working on projects around the house, but having to wait due to circumstances, money, time and all that fun ‘adulting’ stuff…. it’s finally time to start working on the first house project!!

Of course, I’m starting off small…. with BIG plans. The first project will be…. *drum roll please*…. the living room reading nook! This space is currently known as the corner where all of My Mister’s work stuff get’s shoved as he has his desk plonked there at the moment. But no more!!

The Current View

Ugly pic alert! Here is the nook as it looks at the moment (I’ve banished the Mister to another corner so that I can start to truly tackle the planning for this project). It has abandoned wires – left by the letting agents for us to find out whether they are live or not, thanks guys) and a random step plinth which has no real explanation other than that it might hide some pipes? I do not know, but I’m working around all of this so that I can achieve some perfect balance between appeasing my sanity and not upsetting the letting agents!

I’ve started off by creating a Pinterest board for inspiration. I’ll pop the link to it below. But here’s the plan… *cue Mission Impossible theme tune.*

The Goal

The goal is to create a little area for sitting, reading and contemplating the universe, while providing a focal point in the room. The alcove is to the left of our fireplace, which at the moment, draws the eye… for all the wrong reasons.

There is a window to the left side of the alcove, which will provide natural light during the day. At night there is a spotlight set into the alcove that can be used too. Our living room is dark and cold all year round (north facing) and we’ve had cool grey and white on the walls which just makes the room look dull and dirty due to the lack of light. So, it’s time to embrace the darkness and go for a strong, warm-toned blue! (See my top 5 intense dark colours by Little Greene through the link above!)

These are the three current contenders –
STIFFKEY & DRAWING ROOM BLUE both from Farrow & Ball
ROYAL NAVY BLUE from Little Greene

What I Plan to Do

This living room styled by Andrew Jonathan is the one that started all the cogs whirring in my head! Image Source

I will position two shelves in a warm timber finish to the top half of the wall, allowing for headroom when someone is seated in the nook. I want to recreate the look of the timber against the dark walls, like in the image below (the mantel) because it’ll bring a contrast and warmth to the alcove.

Love this dark and cosy room with the pop of mustard and the timber mantel – Image Source

To the bottom of the alcove will be a storage space with a soft cushion top for extra comfort and plenty of squishability…. yes that’s a word….

Look at this gorgeous example of a reading nook with the soft cushion seating…
Image Source

Of course, cushions will be scattered and a throw will be thrown. Stay tuned for the mood board I’m making with items that I wish to use… keep an eye out for Instagram stories that share awesome items and stuff I’m planning to buy too! Follow my Instagram here.

I want to incorporate a miniature gallery wall also, which will include a picture of the Mister and I, a couple of prints and some of my lettering from my past doodlings. I’m on the look out for the perfect prints…

Can’t wait to get some of my lettering on the wall to create a very personal space!

Above all else, there WILL be greenery…. If my shelves don’t have foliage sitting on them, I do not wish to claim them as mine! This #shelfie (below) is such a glorious thing, and I want to achieve something that looks like it could be this arrangement’s offspring, with just a little more colour.

Green #shelfie heaven! Image Source

So that was just a glimpse of my plans for the Reading Nook Project. As I mentioned, stay tuned for the mood board AND a design sketch. Keep an eye out on Instagram and check out the inspiration board over on Pinterest too.

What do you think to my plans? Let me know!! I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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