Shaker Kitchens – The Pros & Cons

The Shaker Style Kitchen is a popular choice. It’s a classic door style and my personal favourite. Take a look at some of my favourite shaker kitchen designs here.

But, as with everything, there are benefits and downfalls to the shaker door. It has its own idiosyncracies. Which is why I have put together a little list of the pros and cons to this kitchen style, to help you make an informed decision about whether you want this style of door in your kitchen.

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The Pros

The shaker kitchen is timeless, offering you style that will last you through the years.

The versatility of the shaker door means it goes with so many different styles of interiors and decor. I love a shaker kitchen in Industrial, Rustic, Townhouse & Country Cottage Style homes, to name a few. Check out Tom Howley’s website to see some gorgeous examples of shaker kitchens in lots of different settings. (I’m not affiliated with Tom Howley in any way… I just love their kitchens!)

If you have a painted shaker…. it can be painted again in the future. This means you will save so much money if you decide that you’ve had enough of the colour and fancy a change. You can just sand and repaint!

The shaker style door has many faces! It can be chamfered, beaded, five-piece, in-frame, smooth, painted and wrapped! You can even get handleless shaker doors now, where the handle is built into the shaker frame! Or there are J-pull shakers. This style has so much diversity!

When you visit a kitchen showroom you will be able to see these different styles. Different manufacturers and showrooms will have different variations, so don’t be disheartened if the first place you go to doesn’t have your dream style! Before you do visit a showroom, make sure you’ve read my blog post on 5 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your New Kitchen.

The Con

Yup, you read that right! There is only one con that I can think of against the several benefits of the Shaker.

The shaker door is a “dust gatherer”. Many clients I have designed kitchens for mentioned their concerns about the shaker door’s ability to collect dust or dirt in the bottom ledge created by the base rail. And I can’t lie… there is a truth in that.

Personally, this is not something that worries me too much. A quick wipe along the ledge with a damp cloth (no harsh chemicals please) sorts out the issue immediately.

If this is something that concerns you, but you love the shaker style, consider a chamfered or pressed shaker. A lot of manufacturers do the latter type with a more shallow panel, meaning the frame isn’t as deep and is sometimes curved. Which makes it more difficult for dirt and dust to collect in the grooves!

Can you think of any other cons to the shaker door? Or do you love this style as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!!


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