3 Splashback Choices to Update Your Kitchen Style

The finishing touches to a kitchen can be one of the most important aspects to really bringing out your unique style. Usually when you go to choose and design your kitchen, the splashback would be a vital component of the full process. But it is also one of the ways you can update and freshen the look of your kitchen, without having to invest in a whole new design. So, what are the best choices of splashbacks?

Take a look at the following and let me know which you prefer!


Grey metro brick bond metro tiles as kitchen splashback

This is an obvious one, but it’s also the one that will give you the most choice when it comes to style and price.

Metro tiles are a common decision for kitchen splashbacks and for good reason! They look stylish, sleek and add that industrial galley kitchen vibe that suits this room so well. They come in a variety of colours and I love the way you can use funky coloured grouts to make your splashback unique to you.

Pantry shelves with metro tiles in brickbond behind looking amazing!

Still along the lines of the brick-style tile, there are plenty of more rustic feeling tiles that add texture to the walls. These Muralla Blanco complement shaker kitchens so well!

Of course, you don’t have to go with brick tiles… Feast your eyes on these beauties that will finish off your kitchen with pizzazz!

Stacked slate look-a-like tiles used as kitchen splashback

2. Laminate Splashback

White Calacatta marble laminate splashback in kitchen

Really want to have a statement splashback on your walls, but don’t want the fussiness of tiles or the maintenance that comes with having grout? You should take a look at Laminate Splashbacks…

Specifically designed to be used in the kitchen, they are hard-wearing and easy to wipe clean. They come in so many designs and colours you can pretty much go crazy. You want bright orange…? You go for bright orange – you do it!

IDS Omega splashback to match worktops

Fancy the idea of making your worktops look like they seamlessly fold up the wall? You can get splashbacks that match laminate worktops perfectly which can create a super clean and fresh look, helping make your kitchen feel bigger.

If you have quartz worktops, you can also get your supplier to cut slabs from the same material to fit your walls and give you that same seamless look.

 3. Wallpaper

Limelace Kitchen Wallpaper Splashback

Yup, you read that right! Wallpaper is now available for splashbacks.

Maybe tiles or laminate are too big a task or change for you… or maybe you’re a tenant and you can’t make major changes to your house… maybe wallpaper is the way to go!

These Limelace wallpapers are made of PVC, are water and heat resistant and can be cleaned easily using just warm water. Perfect if you want to change up the look of your kitchen without having to get a joiner or a tiler in. They even peel off the wall when you no longer want them! So want to give these a go!


So, which one was your favourite? What have you used as your splashback in the kitchen? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “3 Splashback Choices to Update Your Kitchen Style

  1. I have just recently finshed my kitchen with a oak effect laminate splashback got all the advice i needed through the website to make my decision so much easier i spent alot of time browsing through blogs and forums to find my perfect splashback so this website was a life saver for me


    1. That is awesome. I’m really pleased you found your perfect splashback and got all the advice you needed from the site! Have you got a picture of the finished kitchen??

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